Qualified doctors

The founder of our dental practice is Professor Ivan Sjerobabin, Doctor of medicine and dental medicine, Specialist in maxillofacial surgery, together with his wife Vera Sjerobabin, Doctor of dental medicine, Specialist in mouth and tooth diseases.<br>In our office, we work together with younger and older experts from the Faculty of Dental Medicine and Military Medical Academy (MMA) in Belgrade.

Team Of Experts

We provide all kinds of services in the field of dentistry (prosthetics, implantology, surgery, aesthetic dentistry, childrens dentistry, orthodontics, diseases of the mouth and teeth).

First of all, we take care of you and invite you to regular dental exams. We believe that a dental exam once in a six-month period, with proper hygiene, is the most important kind of prevention and the cheapest therapy, because everything happening in the mouth in that period cannot leave big consequences and it can be treated easily.

Our services

Pediatric dentistry

Oral surgery

Teeth diseases

Maxillofacial surgery

Aesthetic dentistry






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